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“Redefined steel concept in plastic.”

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“KANTAM” Sewerage Waste Rainwater (SWR) Pipes & Fittings

KANTAM S.W.R. system is manufactured from a specially formulated unplasticised polyvinyl chloride compound (pvc). These pipes & fittings are tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength and are manufactured in accordance to IS: 13592 – 1992 & fittings to IS: 14735 – 1999. Rubber rings confirm to IS:5382.

Features & Benefits

  • Considerable saving in time, labor and costs due to lightweight, high impact strength, easy and quick assembly.
  • Corrosion free and hence offers great resistance to oils, fats, alcohols, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Smooth inner surface eliminates problems of clogging and chocking.
  • Simple, quick and firm joints with special quality ‘T’ shaped rubber ring joints. Its double sealing effect virtuallyeliminates the possibility of leakages.
  • High temperature tolerance upto 60oc. The tolerance temperature is higher when pipes are not flowing full.
  • Made form high quality PVC that offers thermal expansion of 7x105mm/m/0c resulting in high resistance to effectsand variation in environmental temperature.
  • UV stabilizers added during manufacturing process makes ‘Kantam’ SWR Systems more durable and resilient to thedamaging effects of sun-rays.
  • Injection molded fittings offers superior finish and smart looks.
  • Properly and carefully installed ‘Kantam’ SWR systems ensure upto 50 years of trouble free performance.

Jointing Instructions

  • Cut the pipe square to the required length.
  • Chamfer the edge of pipe; remove all burs, dust and dirt.
  • Apply Kantam lubricant on the external surface of the chamfered end of the pipe and on the rubber gasket, fit rubberring into the groove.
  • Check ring seal to ensure it is in position in the housing.
  • Push pipe fully into socket and mark depth in the socket.
  • Withdraw pipe until the mark is 12mm away from socket. This gap essential for thermal expansion and contraction.

Installation on walls/ concrete

  • Mark layout line on wall and fix the pipeline accordingly.
  • Apply a thin coat of PVC solvent cement followed by a light sprinkle of dry sand in slots without a cementbase, before inserting pipes and fittings.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Repeat process while jointing PVC material to CI/AC materials.

Comparison to other SWR Systems

Kantam SWR Systems Cast Iron Asbestos Cement
High Impact Strength Good Good
Durability 50years UV Stabilizers resist Damage from the sun Good No guarantee
Inertness to Chemicals Very good Gets oxidized Good resistance
Fungus Growth Negative Positive Positive
Scale Formation Negative Positive Negative
Weight (Index) Very light 6 times PVC 4 times PVC
Installation Time Very quick Very slow Slow
Setting up Less labour More labour More labour
Inside Bore Very smooth Not as smooth Not smooth
Smooth inside Bore Good flow rate. No practice accumulation at all. Diminished flow rate particle accumulation takes place Diminished flow rate particle accumulation takes place
Maintenance Easy to clean & inspect due to threaded door caps Difficult due to rough inside bore- difficult to open door caps Difficult due to rough inside bore – difficult to open door caps
Jointing Leak proof Not leak proof Not leak proof
Repair Easy to repair & replace Not easy to repair Not easy to repair
Cost Average More than PVC Less than PVC

“Kantam” was found in 1980 and has been continually growing since then. “Kantam” is pioneer of pvc fabricated fitting in India. Beginning with modest plastic pipe fabricator. In 1985 Kantam went on to produce ISI foot valves, gate valves & threaded pipes & fittings.

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