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“KANTAM” CPVC Pipes & Fittings

Kantam proudly launch CHLORIATED PILY VINYL CHLORIDE [ cPVC] Pipes and fittings. For Hot and cold water plumbing system. Kantam cpvc hot and cold plumbing system are made from specially formulated compound in accordance with Indian standard IS 15778 & ASTM D 2846.

Kantam's expertise in PVC Processing helps to produce high quality CPVC pipes and fittings with latest technology and equipments for CPVC processing. As always, Kantam provides unmatched combination of Trust & Quality to its customers.

Kantam CPVC pipes are manufactured in sizes 1/2" to 2" Copper Tube Size (CTS) dimensions, with two different standard dimensions SDR -11 and SDR- 13.5. and fittings are manufactured as per SDR 11.

Features & Benefits

  • CPVC Pipes and Fittings have a natural immunity to scaling, corrosion, and microbiologically influenced corrosion. It has a general life expectancy of 50 years & over a long, low-maintenance service life as compared to traditional metallic systems.
  • The pipes have a higher flow rate due to the pipes being smoother & having better friction resistance properties.
  • Being light in weight, CPVC piping systems are easier to handle and install. Fabrication is quick, simple, and clean as there is no need for a soldering torch or heavy equipment. Installation is done by solvent cement joining process which is quick and leak-proof if properly done.
  • CPVC Pipes & Fittings have better Flame & Smoke resistant characteristics when compared to other non-metallic piping options. They have a very high _ash-ignition temperature and are not combustible as they do not sustain burning.
  • Because of its high heat & pressure resistant properties, CPVC Pipes are the preferred choice for Hot & Cold water plumbing in Residential & Commercial Buildings as well as in transporting of hot & pressurized water for industrial usage.
  • CPVC Pipes & Fittings have inertness or excellent chemical resistance properties to a wide range of chemicals. It is unaffected by chlorinated water, which is essential for it to be used safely in potable water supplies.
  • CPVC has lower Thermal Expansion & Conductivity as compared to other thermoplastics. Therefore, distortion of pipelines due to flow of hot fluids & thus leading to looping is reduced. It is also more energy efficient as there is much lesser heat loss as compared to other materials, especially metal thus exhibiting better insulation properties.

Electrical Properties

Dielectric constant 3.70@60Hz
Power Factor 1000 ohm

Thermal Properties

Max continuous service temp 93 degree C
Coeff. of Thermal Expansion 6.4 X 10^-5 mm/mm/dC
Vicat. Softening Temprature 103 degree C (BS2782)

Mechanical Properties

Density 1.55 g/cm^3
Ultimate tensile strength 58Mpa
Comprehensive strength 70Mpa
Shear strength 39Mpa
Hardness (Rockwell) 121 (ASTM D785)
Elongation at break 50 - 80%

Dimension and pressure rating chart of CPVC pipes as per ASTM D-2846

Nominal Bore Inch (mm) Outside diameter (mm) SDR - 11 Wall Thickness (mm) SDR - 13.5 Wall Thickness (mm)
1/2" (15) 15.90 1.73 1.40
3/4" (20) 22.20 2.03 1.65
1" (25) 28.60 2.59 2.12
5/4" (32) 34.90 3.18 2.59
3/2" (40) 41.30 3.76 3.06
2" (50) 54.00 4.90 4.00
Pipe Temprature Pressure Rating
(Degree C) (PSI) (Kg./Cm2)
SDR 11 23 400 28.10
82 100 7.00
SDR 13.5 23 320 22.50
82 80 5.60

“Kantam” was found in 1980 and has been continually growing since then. “Kantam” is pioneer of pvc fabricated fitting in India. Beginning with modest plastic pipe fabricator. In 1985 Kantam went on to produce ISI foot valves, gate valves & threaded pipes & fittings.

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